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Highly specialized in the fields of HR & Career Development, ProfessionAid consists of well-trained advisors and experienced professionals, providing 4 main services: a) CV writing/editing, b) cover letter writing/editing, c) business profile set-up (LinkedIn, Job Seeker), d) filling in of job or college studies applications.

For ProfessionAid, we created a completely functional website, with an ultimately modern design and a user-friendly interface. Emphasizing in highlighting the provided services, we designed a specifically shaped section, where the detailed presentation of its individual provisions takes place, through easy-to-use and elegant tab buttons.

Additionally, we softened the strict and professional character of the website by adding more attractive colors and icons, aiming at a more pleasant navigation for the visitor. Finally, apart from the explicit and effective call-to-action buttons, we integrated capabilities that advance user experience and customer satisfaction, such as the opportunity of directly attaching their CV for a free review.

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