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Why invest in Email Marketing?

To reach your targeted customers regularly and methodically. Email Marketinglets you broaden your clientele, increase customer engagement, and establish your brand in the audience’s hearts and minds. At Develop Greece, we use innovative content techniques to deliver successful analytics-driven email marketing campaigns for you.


1Newsletter Campaigns

Based on your audience’s preferences, we carry out full-scale Newsletter Campaigns from the graphic design and creative copywriting stages up to delivering the final emails. We keep your customers posted on your latest news, expert articles, and blazing offers. We evaluate the results and use our conclusions to optimize your following campaigns.



Email Marketing

Automated Email Marketing is a proven method for generating leads. Whenever a user performs an action related to you (signs up, leaves items in the shopping cart, etc.), they’re instantly notified or prompted to do something else. We handle your automated emails to achieve direct and targeted communication with your customers at a minimum cost.




After profiling and classifying your subscribers, we use targeted messages to achieve personalized communication and strengthen your mutual bond. Based on the principles of Personalized Customer Experience, we use your customers’ personal info (always with their consent) to bring exciting user-specific content directly to their inbox.




We deliver creative Re-engagement Emails to targeted mailing lists to boost user engagement and mobilize your inactive subscribers. We combine beautiful design with high-value content to prompt customers to re-interact with your website or e-shop (revisit your website, make a value-for-money purchase similar to a previous one, etc.).

5Email Optimization

We implement every available Email Optimization technique to maximize your email open rate. We combine optimal timing and delivery proximity with responsive email design and safe content that cannot be filtered as “spam”. To safeguard your campaign, we use email previews and exhaustive tests and optimize all CTA’s through A/B testing.


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