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    Castria Studios

    Castria Studios

    Castria Studios consist of five studio/apartments at the top of a hill, just outside the downtown of Tinos. Each studio has its own style and character, with different colors, artistic decoration, unique handmade furniture and antiques.

    As for the UX Design, we aimed to capture the special character of the boutique studios by presenting each one separately. For this reason, a different page was designed for each studio, in which you can find detailed information about the room’s features and the corresponding benefits, as well as guide yourself inside the rooms through the gallery.

    Moreover, we included some brief information about the history of Tinos, a blog section and, in addition, detailed directions about how visitors can reach the island. Finally, we decided to add to strategic places inside the wesite call-to-action buttons so that the user can complete easily the procedure of booking.

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